Recent Calls
Tue. May 18th 2021
At 12:59 hours, TF29, Rescue 674 from Joint Base and Virtua Paramedics were dispatched to Route 72 and Anna Street for a reported MVA with entrapment. 2901 arrived and reported a dump truck and motorc...
Sat. May 15th 2021
At 00:38 hours, TF29 and mutual aid companies were dispatched to the the 100 Block of Route 72 for a reported apartment fire. 2901 arrived and reported fire showing from an apartment building and plac...
Sun. May 2nd 2021
At 15:20 hours 2982 and Virtua ALS were dispatched for an unconscious person. 2900/2982 arrived and reported there was no need for EMS at the scene and recalled the assignment, scene was turned over t...
Sun. May 2nd 2021
At 12:06 hours, TF29 was dispatched to Route 532 in the area of Ringler Ave for a motorcycle accident. Chief 2900 arrived to find the incident as reported. The rider refused medical treatment. Chief 2...
Thu. Apr 29th 2021

At 13:22, 2901 handled a general fire alarm. Alarm contractor failed to notify the alarm company of the work being completed, there was no hazard found. 2901 recalled the assignment.
News Headlines
Fri. May 8th 2020
The members and officers of Woodland Volunteer Fire and EMS would like to extend a special thank you to Seneca High School Student Council, Waller's Deli, and Russo's Farm Market. Your support...
Wed. Dec 6th 2017
On December 4th, the company held its annual elections of company officers, the officers for 2018 will be: 2018 LINE OFFICERS:2900-Chief-Shawn Viscardi ...
Wed. Aug 16th 2017
Today the Chief was notified by Senators Menendez and Booker that we have been awarded another grant for $57,068.00. This grant will be used to purchase 2 new thermal imaging cameras to replace the 24...
Sat. Apr 1st 2017
We are please to report one of our own has been hired by the Department of the Army as a career firefighter. Michael Forlines will be starting the 3rd at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin as an entry level fire...
Fri. Nov 25th 2016
During the remodeling the old kitchen openings were closed in to accommodate the new exhaust hood system and to meet new codes, the walls now have fiberglass paneling put up for easier cleaning, soon ...
Lebanon Lakes Fire Co.

Incorporated April 2, 1970

Charter Members

David R. Rilley                                    John L. Brautigam                                 Harry Pagliaro

John J. Utley                                       Norman Caruthers                             George A. Stansky


Past Presidents


1970-1971- George Fleming                    1972-1973- Jim Emmons                     1974- Don Hanson

1975- John Adams                                1976- Harry Pagliaro                            1977- Jim Emmons

1978- George Fleming                           1979- Rodney B. Kent                          1980- George Fleming

              1981-                                       1982- Louis Hibbert                         1983-1984- George Orvansky

1985- Kenneth E. Barber                       1986-1993- Ray D. McCoy                               1994-

1995-                                                          1996-                                         1997-1998- Lisa Smith

1999-                                                          2000-                                         2001- Josephine Gordon

2002-2004- Michael Coleman                2005-2006- Tim Toth                           2007-2008- Justin Wozniak


Past Chiefs


1970- Wes Probst                           1971- John Brautigam                      1972- Dave Brischler

1973- Dan Smith                                1974-1975- Jack Clark                      1976-1979- Cliff Brown


1980- Keith Adams                            1981- Steve Long                              1982- Cliff Brown

1983-1986- Herbert O'Connell          1987-1988- Cliff Brown                     1989- Joseph Pullen

1990-1991- Tim Toth                          1992- Ray D. McCoy                         1993-2008- Tom Toth 




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